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7 Ordering supplies and How to purchase accessories To order Samsung-authorized supplies or accessories, contact your local Samsung dealer or the retailer where you purchased your printer, This chapter provides information on purchasing toner cartridges and or visit www.samsungprinter.com and select your country/region for accessories available for your printer. information on calling for technical support. • Toner cartridges • Accessories • How to purchase Toner cartridges When the toner runs out, you can order the following types of toner cartridges for your printer: Type Yielda Part number Standard yield 4,000 pages ML-D3050A High yield 8,000 pages ML-D3050B a. ISO 19752 5% coverage Accessories You can purchase and install accessories to enhance your printer’s performance and capacity. The following accessories are available for your printer: Accessory Description Part number Optional If you are experiencing ML-S3050A tray frequent paper supply problems, you can attach an additional 250 sheet tray. You can print documents on various sizes and types of print materials. Memory Extends your printer’s • ML-00MA: 16 MB DIMM memory capacity. • ML-00MB: 32 MB • ML-00MC: 64 MB • ML-00MD: 128 MB • ML-MEM140: 256 MB IEEE 802.11 Allows you to connect your ML-NWA10L b/g Wireless printer to a wireless network LAN carda and share it with other people over the network. (ML-3051N/ML-3051ND only) a. Depending on your country, wireless LAN cards may not be available. Contact your local Samsung dealer or the retailer where you bought your printer. 7.1
Ordering supplies and accessories_三星打印机类ML-3051N 用户手册
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