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4 Locate the long strip of glass (LSU) inside the top of the cartridge compartment, and gently swab the glass to see if dirt turns the Maintaining the toner cartridge white cotton black. Toner cartridge storage To get the most from the toner cartridge, keep the following guidelines in mind: • Do not remove the toner cartridge from its package until ready for use. • Do not refill the toner cartridge. The printer warranty does not cover damage caused by using a refilled cartridge. • Store toner cartridge in the same environment as the printer. • To prevent damage to the toner cartridge, do not expose it to light for more than a few minute. Expected cartridge life 5 Reinsert the toner cartridge and close the front cover. The life of the toner cartridge depends on the amount of toner that print 6 Plug in the power cord and turn the printer on. jobs require. When printing text at ISO 19752 5% coverage, a new toner cartridge lasts an average of either 8,000 or 4,000 pages. (The original Printing a cleaning sheet toner cartridge supplied with the printer lasts an average of 4,000 pages.) The actual number may also be different depending on the print If you are experiencing blurred, faded, or smeared printouts, you can density of the pages you print on, and the number of pages may be clear the problem by printing a cleaning sheet, provided by your printer. affected by operating environment, printing interval, media type, and You can print: media size. If you print a lot of graphics, you may need to change the • OPC Cleaning sheet: cleans the OPC drum of the toner cartridge. cartridge more often. • Fuser Cleaning sheet: cleans the fuser unit inside the printer. Saving Toner In the ML-3050, press and hold down Stop for about 10 seconds to print To save toner, press Toner Save on the control panel. The button a OPC cleaning sheet. backlight turns on. In the ML-3051N and ML-3051ND, this process will produce a page with Using this feature extends the life of the toner cartridge and reduce toner debris, which should be discarded. your cost per page, but it also reduces print quality. 1 Make sure that the printer is turned on with paper loaded in the tray. Checking the remaining toner 2 Press Menu until System Setup appears on the bottom line of the display and press OK. (ML-3051N, ML-3051ND only) 3 Press the Scroll buttons until Maintenance appears and press OK. You can check the level of toner left in the cartridge. 4 If you are having print quality problems, this can help you determine if When Clean Drum appears, press OK. the problem is caused by low toner. Or, press the Scroll buttons until Clean Drum or Clean Fuser appears and press OK. 1 Press Menu until System Setup appears on the bottom line of the display press OK. Your printer automatically picks up a sheet of paper from the tray and prints out a cleaning sheet with dust or toner particles on it. 2 Press the Scroll buttons until Maintenance appears and press OK. 3 Press the Scroll buttons until Supplies Life appears and press OK. 4 Press the Scroll buttons to access Toner Remains and press OK. The display shows the percentage of the remaining toner. Note While the following messages are appearing on the display, the sub-menu(s) under Supplies Life can be changed: - Invalid Toner, NonGenuine Toner, Replace Toner, Toner Exhausted 8.2
Maintaining the toner cartridge_三星打印机类ML-3051N 用户手册

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