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Solving general printing problems Condition Possible cause Suggested solutions For problems with the operation of your printer, refer to the table for The printer may Check the printer properties to suggested solutions. be configured ensure that all of the print incorrectly. settings are correct. Condition Possible cause Suggested solutions The printer The printer driver does not may be Reinstall the printer driver; See the Software Section. Try The printer is not Check the power cord receiving power. connections. Check the power print. incorrectly installed. printing a test page. switch and the power source. (Continued) Check the display message on The printer is not Select Samsung ML-3050 The printer is the control panel to determine if selected as the Series PCL 6 orSamsung ML- malfunctioning. the printer is indicating a default printer. 3050 Series PS as your default system error.printer. The printer cover Close the printer cover. Printer For many software is not closed. selects print The paper source applications, the paper source materials selection in the selection is found under the Paper is jammed. Clear the paper jam. See from the printer properties Paper tab within the printer page 9.1. wrong paper may be incorrect. properties. Select the correct No paper is Load paper. See page 5.4. source. paper source. See the Software Section. loaded. Remove paper from the tray The toner Install the toner cartridge. Paper has not and reload it correctly. cartridge is not been loaded correctly. Check that the paper size installed. Paper does guides are set correctly. Check the display message, not feed into The printer may add paper to the multi-purpose the printer. There is too much Remove excess paper from the The printer paper in the tray. in manual feed tray, and press Stop (ML-3050) does not mode and out of or OK (ML-3051N or ML- The paper is too Use only paper that meets print. paper. 3051ND) on the printer’s thick. printer specifications. control panel. Reduce the complexity of the The connection page(s) or try adjusting the cable between print quality settings. the computer and Disconnect the printer cable To adjust the print quality the printer is not and reconnect it. settings, reduce the resolution. connected If you have set the resolution to properly. 1200 dpi (Best), change it to The connection If possible, attach the cable to 600 dpi (Normal). See the cable between another computer that is Software Section.Print job is the computer and working properly and try to print extremely The job may be Change the port setting to the the printer is a document. You can also try slow. very complex. USB or network port to improve defective. using a different printer cable. print speed. Check the Windows printer Your printer prints A4-sized setting to make sure that the paper at 28 ppm and letter- The port setting is print job is sent to the correct sized paper at 30 ppm. If you incorrect. port. If the computer has more use the ML-3051ND, your than one port, make sure that printer prints A4-sized paper at the printer is attached to the 19 ipm and letter-sized paper at correct one. 21 ipm in the duplex printing mode. 9.9
Solving general printing problems_三星打印机类ML-3051N 用户手册
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