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6 Push the DIMM straight into the DIMM slot until it snaps into place. 7 Select the amount of memory you installed from Printer Memory in Make sure the latches fit over the notches located on either side of the Installable Option section. the DIMM. For Windows 98, select Installable Option → VMOption → change setting for:NMOption → change memory. 8 Click OK. Installing a wireless network interface card The ML-3051N and ML-3051ND is equipped with a network interface which allows you to use your printer on a network. You can also 7 Replace the control board cover. purchase a wireless network interface card to enable the use of the printer in wireless network environments To use the ML-3050 in network environments, you need to buy an optional wired or wireless network printer server. For information about installing the network printer server, see the network printer server user’s guide. For order information, see page 7.1. Review the precautions on page 10.1 and then follow this procedure to install the wireless network interface card in your printer. 1 Turn the printer power off and unplug all cables from the printer. 2 Grasp the control board cover and slide toward you to open it. 8 Reconnect the power cord and printer cable, and turn the printer on. Setting the memory in the PostScript printer properties After installing the memory DIMM, you need to select it in the printer properties of the PostScript printer driver so that you can use it. 1 1 Make sure that the PostScript printer driver is installed in your computer. To installing the PostScript printer driver, you need to select Custom and put a check mark on the PostScript printer 1 control board cover driver. See the Software Section. 2 Click the Windows Start menu. 3 For Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000, select Settings and then Printers. For Windows XP/2003, select Printers and Faxes. 4 Select the Samsung ML-3050 Series PS printer. 5 Click the right mouse button on the printer icon and select Properties. 6 For Windows 95/98/Me, select Device Option tab. For Windows NT4.0/2000/XP/2003, select Device Settings tab. 10.2
Setting the memory in the PostScript printer properties_三星打印机类ML-3051N 用户手册

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