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3 Advanced Printing Printing Multiple Pages on One This chapter explains printing options and advanced printing Sheet of Paper (N-Up Printing) tasks. You can select the number of pages to print on a single sheet 1 2 of paper. To print more than one page per sheet, the pages will NOTE: be reduced in size and arranged in the order you specify. You • Your printer driver Properties window that appears in this 3 4 can print up to 16 pages on one sheet. User’s Guide may differ depending on the printer in use. However the composition of the printer properties window is 1 To change the print settings from your software similar. application, access printer properties. See “Printing a • If you need to know the exact name of your printer, you can Document” on page 12. check the supplied CD-ROM. 2 From the Layout tab, choose Multiple Pages per Side in the Layout Type drop-down list. This chapter includes: 3 Select the number of pages you want to print per sheet (1, 2, 4, 6, 9, or 16) in the Pages per Side drop-down • Printing Multiple Pages on One Sheet of Paper (N-Up list. Printing) 4 Select the page order from the Page Order drop-down • Printing Posters list, if necessary. • Printing Booklets Check Print Page Border to print a border around each • Printing on Both Sides of Paper page on the sheet. 5 Click the Paper tab, select the paper source, size, and • Printing a Reduced or Enlarged Document type. • Fitting Your Document to a Selected Paper Size 6 Click OK and print the document. • Using Watermarks • Using Overlays 18 Advanced Printing
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此说明书适用于: 三星 ML_3051N   等型号。